I Sleep Perchance to Dream

DREAMS. I don’t remember mine very often. They fade from my memory pretty quickly upon waking. However, I occasionally have one that sticks with me. It’s bright. It’s vivid. It’s impacting. It never ever fades from my memory. I believe these dreams are from the Lord for a specific purpose.


I had one such dream a few days ago. Usually I can understand pretty quickly what the Lord is trying to tell me. However, this one has not been so forthcoming. I spoke to a friend about it today and she was helpful. The Lord will reveal the full meaning to me in His time but I kind of just want to put it out here. I believe someone needs to read this.

This was the dream:

My husband and children and I were all vacationing in a beautiful place by the sea. We were with a couple who I do not know from real life. The wife was very meek and a pushover. The husband was demanding and disrespectful to his wife. They had a daughter who seemed about 10.

We were staying on the 10th floor of our hotel. I was standing near the window when I looked into the high clouds and saw a small tornado just beginning to form. Then the Lord gave me a vision of some cabins near our hotel that we had passed by at some point before. The Lord urged me to get to those cabins for safety from the storm immediately.

I quickly gathered together my hubby and the kids and we raced across the hallway to the couple’s room who we were vacationing with. I told them that a storm was coming and we had to get away right then! The man was very chauvinistic and just scoffed at me because I was a woman. I pleaded with the woman to come, telling her that if they were coming, we had to go NOW. She stood up to her husband for once and he was so shocked that he came along. They followed us.

As we were headed out of the hotel toward safety, the siren went off to tell everyone that a storm was coming. As we passed people, we strongly urged them to come with us. Many were too busy gathering their possessions. Others were too panicked to listen. But a good many took heed and followed us.

By the time we came to the cabins, there were a lot of people with us. The cabins were dark log and they were connected like duplexes. Only, there were three of them instead of just two. Triplexes? Lol.

I immediately headed toward the middle cabin because I had reasoned that it should be the safest since it was sheltered between the other two. But my husband stopped me immediately, and said, “No! We have to go into the first one. Not the second one.”

So we all filed into the first cabin. It was filled with people and very dim inside. It was then that I realized Autumn (my daughter) wasn’t right with us. I shouted, “Where is Autumn? Where is Autumn?”

I heard a woman’s voice closer to the entrance say, “I saw her come in! She’s here!”

Well then we just waited out the storm in our tornado positions (just like they taught us in elementary school.) But the entire time, I was on my face, declaring protection over all of us and praying without ceasing. We could hear the storm. It sounded like a train and a monster all at once. We could see it out of the only small window destroying everything in its path.

When the storm was finally over, we all began to stand up and were preparing to leave the cabin when I heard a small voice from outside, “Mommy?? Mommy??”

My heart lurched into my throat as I realized it was Autumn outside. She had never been in the cabin at all.

I raced outside and wrapped her in a hug, I checked her out thoroughly and weeped with thankfulness that even though it had been something outside of my control and even my knowledge, that God had kept her safe for me.

She told me, “Mommy, I was searching for you by the sea. I couldn’t find you. I was on the beach the whole time looking for you.”

After I recovered from weeping, we headed back to the hotel. We passed debris and devastation all around us. When we got to the hotel, everything from the 10th floor and up had been swept away. It was just gone.

So that was the end of the dream. After that, I just had a dream for the rest of the night about a litter of 4 puppies in our home. There was a black one who would break it’s leg every time I put it down even being as gentle as I could possibly be. It made me sad. I haven’t decided if that’s related but I haven’t forgotten it either.

So yeah! Thank You Lord for dreams and visions. He still uses these means to speak to His beloved. We just have to be open to however He wants to speak to us!


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” -Edgar Allen Poe


5 thoughts on “I Sleep Perchance to Dream

  1. Your dream sounds similar to one that the Lord gave me a little while ago. I am posting it below for you to pray about and see what the Lord speaks to you regarding it.

    This is the second dream that I had on 07/04/2013 before waking this morning. In this dream I saw an Ark much like the one described in Genesis that Noah built. The ark was on dry land and it was next to a mountain. The difference in my dream and what was described in Genesis was that there were people coming into the Ark. In Noah’s time he warned people of God’s pending judgement upon the earth when the ark was on dry land and I am sure he looked like a crazy fool which is how prophets are sometimes thought of. In my dream, once again, there is an ark and it is on dry land and people are being warned by God’s prophets to come into the ark before the waters of tribulation come. If you remember the Lord’s words to His disciples where He said, “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. “For as in those days which were before the flood they were eating and drinking, they were marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. (Mat 24:37-39)

    1. Thanks for sharing your dream! It does sound similar. I was also reminded by my cousin of a dream she had in which we were up in a tower safe from disaster. I’m sensing a pattern here! 🙂

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